A Note of Welcome

What words would capture the spirit of Mahomet United Methodist Church?  How can a website share the warmth of our fellowship and the joy we find in our time together?

Perhaps we could record and share the sound of our gathering for worship, or any activity.

The point is; come and see for yourself.  Let us include you in the warmth and encouragement of our faith family.

Let our worship inspire you and our fellowship embrace you.  Join us as we grow in faith and celebrate the beauty of the Christian life.

I look forward to greeting you in person.

Rev. Craig Sweet

Our Core Values

  • Our growing love for God and ALL our neighbors
  • Faithfully growing as disciples of Jesus Christ together through:
    • Spirit filled worship
    • Relevant Christian education and transforming study of God's word
    • Joyfully serving God and others
    • Reaching out, living God's grace and Jesus' love
  • Inviting and embracing people as they are, where they are

The United Methodist Church  

Our Conference 
Our District