Open Position – Office Administrator

Position: Part-time Hourly
Hours: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Reports to: Directing Pastor

This job description includes, but is not limited to, the following general and specific responsibilities, and may be added to or deleted from as need dictates.

Job Summary: The purpose of this position is to assist the Directing Pastor, the ministry staff and the congregation with ongoing administration of the church in order to facilitate ministry and to make a positive impression on behalf of the Mahomet United Methodist Church.


  • Demonstrated organizational and managerial skills; able to anticipate needs of the church and staff and be appropriately proactive, take direction and follow through on that direction from the Directing Pastor
  • A team player who contributes to a fun and enjoyable working environment
  • Experience and/or familiarity with basic computer systems and software and willing to learn new skills as progress dictates
  • Experience and/or familiarity with volunteer management skills, have ability to deal with the public, and be a person of high integrity
  • Ability to keep confidential information of a private nature

General Responsibilities:

  • Administrate the day to day church office operations.
  • Responsible for day-to-day routine and normal office procedures to help the congregation achieve a high level of excellence in its mission.
  • Facilitate communication, understanding, and cooperation among the congregation, staff and community with an understanding to the confidentiality required in the position.

Specific Responsibilities:

    1. Oversee communication on a weekly basis through email, Facebook, website, and YouTube.
    2. Represent the church as a first point of contact either in person or phone.
    3. Maintain church calendar and schedule use of all church facilities; assign rooms and other spaces as needed.
    4. Oversee the usage, care and maintenance of all office equipment.
    5. Assist volunteers and staff that need publications or ordering of supplies.
    6. Maintain church files both paper and electronic.
    7. Other duties as designated by the Directing Pastor.


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